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Nighteye series

Why Eyemax IR?

ezMount = Easy Installation Mount

No more having a hard-time installing a mount. Install a base ring on the wall first, then just screw bolts with provided L-shaped wrench simply and easily.

 Weather-resistant & Sun-Visor / Hidden Cable Mount

The built-in removable sun shields that will help ensure you a clear picture and protect the camera from the elements. Hidden Cable Mount is another nice feature about the camera. Video and power cable is run thru inside of the mount to prevent it from getting damaged.

External Adjustable Lens

External lens control knobs on back of the camera make install and set up the camera easy. This feature is only available on EV, FV model.

IR-corrected Lens Installed

Use a day & night or monochrome cameras for the IR corrected lenses. Regular color cameras will not be affected by the IR corrected lens. When using the day/night or monochrome cameras, nearly any outdoor, as well as some indoor applications, will require, or at least benefit from using IR corrected lenses. This is because many natural light sources also contain infrared light, lighting changes with a higher infrared, lower infrared, or without infrared at all. When using ordinary lenses, the result is a blurred, or in a worst case scenario, a completely unfocused picture. 

Auto Filter Change 

At daytime, IR light is filtered away in the camera by the IR-cut filter in order to render color images that humans are used to. When light conditions are too dark to render color images, the IR-cut filter is automatically removed to enable the camera to make use of the IR light to produce a high quality black & white video. This feature is only available on FV model

External Controllable OSD Camera Setup

5600/5800 series have a small program built-in to the camera to help users to setup the camera function with ease. No more reading a manual and tipping dip-switches to configure the camera.

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