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    Note : UNIX CCTV requires valid Contractor License or Alarm License in order to open an account.

  • We require either contractor license OR alarm license to open account. If you have alarm license and don't have contractor license, just put 'N/A'
  • We require either contractor license OR alarm license to open account. If you have contractor and don't have alarm license, just put 'N/A'
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  • Internet Resale Pricing Policy

  • internet resale pricing policy

    Intent of Policy

    Established in 1990, UNIX CCTV has been in the security industry for many decades. With a majority of our premium products made in Korea, our company focuses on advertising our products as high-end than a commodity. UNIX CCTV intends to prevent its customers from degrading the quality of its product through advertisement on the Internet that is not representing that image. To maintain our brand image, UNIX CCTV may restrict the sale of its products to its customer that harms UNIX CCTV's philosophy of business.

    Terms & Conditions

    This policy is effective immediately to its products distributed by UNIX CCTV.

    • Products may not be advertised on the Internet at a lower price-point than those established by UNIX CCTV.
    • Products for online sale require a completed contract form and authorization form provided by UNIX CCTV. Without consent is immediate denial of sales/service and may result in a blocked account.
    • The logo on the top is marked in UNIX CCTV website ( that restricts the sale of online to both licensed contractors and valid resellers. Products with this logo on the website ( are strictly used for installation purposes to consumers who need security equipment in residential or commercial zones.

    The policy is covered in any communication with prospective buyers where the price is open and accessible.

    Enforcement of the Policy

    UNIX CCTV reserves the right to protect its brand image and prevent any harm or negative representation that other's may cause. UNIX CCTV is free to determine its marketing strategies to its products and to select the resellers to which are authorized to sell certain products. UNIX CCTV will enforce this policy and deny any unauthorized accounts that sell online. UNIX CCTV’s employees or agents are not authorized to discuss, negotiate or enter into any agreement with any current or potential buyers concerning this policy.

    For any questions or concerns about this policy, please mail to:

    UNIX CCTV : E-Commerce Policy
    2772 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90006

  • Reselling restriction agreement for Prime and IP Power Product Line for Online Sale

  • Prime and IP Power under UNIX CCTV Product line is not allowed for online sale. It is strictly for professionals to use for installation purposes. UNIX CCTV does not allow any buyers to post prices online under any circumstances. This is to protect our buyers from potential threats and information from being publicly viewed. To abide by these terms, please agree and fill out the following form below:

    I, (applicant) will abide by the Online Restriction under UNIX CCTV Policy and will not post any private information disclosed by UNIX CCTV online, including my current website for sale. I, (applicant) will not post any UNIX CCTV products to third party websites like eBay and Amazon without UNIX CCTV's consent. UNIX CCTV reserves the right to deny any services or products in order to protect the representation of the company and its buyers.

  • Store policy agreement

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