The new Night Color Series offers a back-illuminated, stacked CMOS structure for optimal sensitivity in low-light scenes with at least 1.0 lux of ambient light. With a larger aperture, a greater amount of light will be filtered in for increased brightness over a standard camera. With Night Color Technology, night-time images can be captured in vivid color for better identification.

Basic Starlight

Good low-light performance for applications down to .008-.009 lux.


The best low-light performance down to 0.004 lux or lower.

Night Color

Continuous color surveillance for scenes with ~1.0 lux backlighting (-NI). Image remains in constant color with no IR cut-filter or IR illumination.

How Night Color Works

With a wider aperture reaching up to ƒ/1.0, full color cameras allow more light to enter the lens, effectively presenting a brighter, more vivid image under low light conditions.

Camera with Full Color Technology

Conventional IR Camera

Night Color Camera Series