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Easily and cleanly strips both coaxial and twisted-pair cable • Durable high-carbon steel cutting blades automatically adjust to cable diameters; won’t damage internal conductors • Easy debris clean-out • Finger loop for smooth, easy rotation • Premium tool features a slide depth gauge to pre-measure coax cable for quick, precise and repeatable 5/16" (7.9 mm) and 1/4" (6.4 mm) strips • Additional external blade in a structured design allows user to slit wire jacket for mid-span access or to open lengthwise • Also works with with RG6Q quad shield (dual shield) cable

Cartridge for Radial Stripper UTP/STP

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Designed for use with Dual Cartridge Radial Stripper and Radial Cartridge Strippers • Pre-set cutting-blades for precise and accurate stripping. • Durable high-carbon steel cutting blades are ground and honed for long life. • Patented ”V” notch eliminates scoring of the center conductor. • Color coded for easy identification. • Cartridge made from glass filled polycarbonate for superior strength and extended durability.

Showing all 2 results