64CH AI NVR System, WizSense, AcuPick

2U • 8 × SATA Slots • 1 × eSATA Slot • RAID Support • Max. 384 Mbps Bandwidth • Smart H.265+ / H.265 • Support AcuPick with Max. 16CH • 2CH Face Detection & Recongnition • 4CH Perimeter Protection • 8CH SMD Plus
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3 Year Data Recovery Service
w/ all 2TB+ Seagate SkyHawk & SkyHawk AI HDD purchases


The series excels in performance and high-quality recording technology, making it perfect for IP video surveillance applications. Its robust processor offers ample access and forwarding bandwidth, coupled with strong decoding capabilities for seamless streaming. Featuring a built-in AI chip and advanced deep learning algorithms, this NVR supports various AI functions, including precise face recognition and perimeter protection, reducing response times to events and enhancing video interactivity. It’s also compatible with a wide range of third-party devices, making it an excellent choice for surveillance systems working with Video Management Software (VMS).


Our cutting-edge search technology combines front-end and back-end intelligence, enabling swift and precise target location in extensive video data.

Perimeter Protection

Automatically filtering false alarms from animals, leaves, bright lights, etc., enables the system to enhance alarm accuracy through secondary target recognition.

Face Detection

Face detection identifies human faces in video using a deep learning algorithm, supporting detection, tracking, optimization, and capturing to produce the best face snapshot.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition technology extracts facial features from captured faces and matches them with the database to recognize the person’s identity.

Heat Map by Camera

Heat map technology displays crowd density and people appearance probability by using various colors. It essentially provides statistical data on the quantity of people in both spatial and temporal dimensions.

ANPR by Camera

Using deep learning algorithms, our ANPR technology can recognize vehicle number plate information in images captured by ANPR cameras. It supports blocklist/allowlist modes and enables the search for target vehicles in recorded videos.

SMD Plus

Using an intelligent algorithm, Smart Motion Detection technology categorizes targets triggering motion detection and filters out alarms caused by non-concerned targets, ensuring effective and accurate alerts.


  • Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG decoding format
  • Max. decoding capability: 32 × 1080p@30 fps or 32 × 2MP@30 fps
  • Support AcuPick with Max. 16-Channel
  • Support N+M cluster
  • Support RAID 0 / 1 / 5 / 6 / 10
  • Max. 384 Mbps incoming/recording/outgoing bandwidth.
  • AI by recorder: 2-channel face detection and recognition, 4-channel perimeter protection, and 8-channel SMD Plus
  • AI by camera: Face detection and recognition, perimeter protection, SMD Plus, metadata, ANPR, stereo analysis, heat map, and people counting
  • Security baseline 2.3.


Main Processor Industrial-grade processor
Operating System Embedded Linux
Operating Interface Web, Local GUI
AI by Recorder Face detection
face recognition
perimeter protection
SMD Plus
AI by Camera Face detection
face recognition
video metadata (human motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles)
perimeter protection
SMD Plus
stereo analysis
crowd distribution
people counting
vehicle density
heat map
AcuPick AI by Camera + Recorder Max. 16-channel, 1 combined event per channel/s
Perimeter Protection
Perimeter Performance AI by Recorder (Number of Channels) 4 channels, 10 IVS rules for each channel
Perimeter Performance of AI by Camera (Number of Channels) 16 channels
Face Detection
Face Attributes Gender / age group / glasses / expressions / face mask / beard
Face Detection Performance of AI by Recorder (Number of Channels) 2 channels (up to 12 face images/s each channel)
Face Detection Performance of AI by Camera (Number of Channels) 16 channels
Face Recognition
Face Database Capacity Up to 20 face databases with 20,000 images, with a total capacity of 2.5 G. Name, gender, birthday, address, credential type, credential No., countries & regions and state can be added to each face image.
Face Recognition Performance of AI by Recorder (Number of Channels) 1. 16-channel FD (by camera) + FR (by recorder), image stream: 16 face images/s
2. 2-channe FD (by recorder) + FR (by recorder), video stream: 12 face images/s
Face Recognition Performance of AI by Camera (Number of Channels) 16 channels
SMD Plus
SMD Plus by Recorder 8 channels: Secondary filtering for human and motor vehicle , reducing false alarms caused by leaves, rain and lighting condition change
SMD Plus by Camera 16 channels
Video Metadata
Metadata Performance of AI by Camera (Number of Channels) 8 channels
Human Attributes Top color, top type, bottom color, bottom type, hat, bag, age, gender and umbrella
Motor Vehicle Attributes License plate, plate color, vehicle body, vehicle model, vehicle logo, calling, seatbelt, vehicle interior, vehicle registration location.
Non-motor Vehicle Attributes Vehicle model, vehicle color, number of persons, helmet.
Vehicle License Plate Comparison
ANPR by Camera (Number of Channels) 8 channels
License Plate Database Capacity 1. Create up to 20,000 plate numbers.
2. Blocklist and allowlist
Audio and Video
Access Channel 64
Network Bandwidth AI disabled: 384 Mbps incoming, 384 Mbps recording and 384 Mbps outgoing
AI enabled: 200 Mbps incoming, 200 Mbps recording and 200 Mbps outgoing
Resolution 32 MP / 24 MP / 16 MP / 12 MP / 8 MP / 5 MP / 4 MP / 1080p /
720p / D1 / CIF / QCIF
Decoding Capability AI disabled:
2-channel 32 MP@20 fps / 2-channel 24 MP@20 fps / 4-channel 16 MP@30 fps / 5-channel 12 MP@30 fps / 8-channel 8 MP@30 fps / 12-channel 5 MP@30 fps / 16-channel 4 MP@30 fps / 32-channel 1080p@30 fps
AI enabled:
1-channel 32 MP@20 fps / 1-channel 24 MP@20 fps /
2-channel 16 MP@30 fps / 4-channel 12 MP@30 fps / 4-channel 8 MP@30 fps / 8-channel 5 MP@30 fps /
12-channel 4 MP@30 fps / 24-channel 1080p@30 fps
Video Output 2 VGA, 2 HDMI
VGA:1920 × 1080, 1280 × 1024, 1280 × 720
HDMI:3840 × 2160, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 1024, 1280 × 720
Heterogeneous video source output for HDMI1 and HDMI2
Simultaneous video source output for VGA1 and HDMI1 Simultaneous video source output for VGA2 and HDMI2
Multi-screen Display Main screen: 1/4/8/9/16/25/36/64 Sub screen: 1/4/8/9/16
Third-party Camera Access ONVIF / Panasonic / Sony / Axis / Arecont / Pelco / Canon / Samsung
Compression Standard
Video Compression Smart H.265+ / H.265 / Smart H.264+ / H.264 / MJPEG
Audio Compression G.711a / G.711u / PCM / G726
Network Protocol HTTP / HTTPS / TCP/IP / IPv4/IPv6 / UDP / SNMP / NTP / DHCP / DNS / SMTP / UPnP / IP Filter / PPPoE / FTP / DDNS / Alarm Server / IP Search (Supports Dahua IP camera / DVR / NVS / etc.) / Multicast / P2P / Auto Registration / iSCSI
Mobile Phone Access iOS / Android
Interoperability ONVIF 22.06 (Profile T / Profile S / Profile G) / CGI / SDK
Browser Chrome / IE / Safari / Edge / Firefox
Network Mode Multi-address mode, load balance, fault tolerance and other network port binding modes
Recording Playback
Multi-channel Playback Up to 16 channels
Record Mode General / motion detection / intelligent / alarm / POS
Backup Method USB device and network
Playback Mode Instant playback, general playback, event playback, tag playback, smart playback (face and motion detection)
Disk Group Yes
RAID RAID 0/1/5/6/10
General Alarm Motion detection / privacy masking / local alarm
Anomaly Alarm Camera offline / storage error / disk full / IP conflict / MAC conflict / login lock / abnormal behavior of fan / cybersecurity exception
Intelligent Alarm Face detection
perimeter protection
face recognition
video metadata (human, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles)
SMD Plus
stereo analysis
crowd distribution
people counting
vehicle density
heat map
Alarm Linkage Record / snapshot (panoramic) / local alarm output / IPC external alarm output / access controller / audio / buzzer / log / preset / email
Audio Input 1-channel RCA
Audio Output 2-channel RCA
Alarm Input 16 channels
Alarm Output 8 channels (1-channel 12 V 1 A output)
HDD Interface 8 SATA ports, each disk can contain up to 16 TB. This limit varies depending on the environment temperature.
RS-232 1
RS-485 2 (1 port for half-duplex serial communication, 1 port for full-duplex serial communication)
USB 4 (2 front USB 2.0 ports, 2 rear USB 3.0 ports)
Network Port 2(10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port, RJ-45)
Power Supply 100–240 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Power Consumption Total output of NVR is ≤ 13 W (without HDD)
Net Weight 6.4 kg (14.11 lb)
Gross Weight 9.01 kg (19.86 lb)
Product Dimensions 439.9 mm × 457.9 mm × 89.0 mm (17.32" × 18.03" × 3.50") (W ×D × H)
Packaging Dimensions 570.0 mm × 570.0 mm × 226.0 mm (22.44" × 22.44" × 8.90") (W ×D × H)
Operating Temperature –10°C to +55°C (14°F to +131°F)
Storage Temperature –20°C to +60°C (–4°F to +140°F)
Operating Humidity 10%–93% (RH)
Installation Rack or desktop
Certifications FCC: 47 CFR FCC Part15, SubpartB, Class A
CE-EMC: EN 55032: 2015+A1: 2020; EN IEC 61000 ~ 3-2:
2019+A1: 2021; EN 61000 ~ 3-3: 2013+A1: 2019+A2: 2021;
EN 55035: 2017+A11: 2020; EN 50130 ~ 4: 2011+A1: 2014
CE-LVD: EN 62368 ~ 1: 2014
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