Radial Stripper for UTP/STP Cable w/Hex Key

One-step outer jacket stripping of category 3, 5, 5e, and 6 cables • Durable high-carbon steel cutting blades are ground and honed for long life • Removes the outer jacket of twisted-pair cable without damaging the conductors • Strip and slit lengths may be varied to accommodate different connector requirements • Recessed cutting surface slits long runs of twisted-pair cable • Tension loop can be disengaged for thin-jacket cable • One-piece construction, living hinge provides proper pressure and ensures precise stripping • Large finger loop promotes rotation during use • Adjustable set-screw prevents twisted-pair conductor insulation scoring

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The Klein Tools Twisted Pair (UTP/STP) Radial Stripper is designed remove the outer jacket of twisted pair cable without damaging the conductors. This tool features multiple nest cavities which lets you remove a wide variety of jacket materials. The one-piece construction ensures alignment for precise stripping


Cable Type: Unshielded Twisted Pair; Shielded Twisted Pair
Handle Color: Yellow
Levels: 1
Strip Dimensions: Varies by Application
Overall Length: 4 ~ 13/32" (111.9 mm)
Weight: 0.18 lb (0.08 kg)
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