Seagate® SkyHawk AI 14TB Surveillance HDD

Seagate® SkyHawk™ AI is the world’s first, purpose-built drive for artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled surveillance solutions. ImagePerfect™ AI firmware, Custom designed to support an additional 32 AI streams, 3.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 256MB Cache, 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty, MTBF 1,500,000 hr

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Key Advantages

  • ImagePerfect™ AI firmware for superior image integrity alongside additional AI workload support in always-on, AI-enabled surveillance systems.
  • Custom designed to support an additional 32 AI streams while simultaneously and flawlessly recording footage up to 64 HD cameras.
  • Designed and built to handle heavy surveillance workloads in traditional video recording and advanced video analytics environments. At 550TB/year, SkyHawk AI is designed for 3× the workload of standard surveillance drives.
  • Advanced vibration management for superior and sustained performance in 16+ bay NVR systems.
  • SkyHawk Health Management actively helps protect your surveillance storage by focusing on prevention, intervention, and recovery options. 1 Included is RAID RapidRebuild ™ , which provides 3× faster volume rebuilds.
  • Improved reliability and reduced total cost of ownership with 1.5M-hr. MTBF and 3year limited warranty.
  • Unparalleled data protection with an optional 2-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan, providing access to Seagate’s secure labs with industry-leading data recovery success rates.


Specifications 16TB 14TB 12TB
Capacity 16TB 14TB 12TB
Standard Model Numbers ST16000VE000 ST14000VE0008 ST12000VE0008
Interface SATA 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s
Features and Performance
Drive Bays Supported 16+ 16+ 16+
AI Streams1 32 32 32
HD Cameras Supported Up to 64 Up to 64 Up to 64
RV Sensors Yes Yes Yes
Max. Sustained Transfer Rate OD (MB/s) 250MB/s 250MB/s 250MB/s
Cache (MB) 256 256 256
Reliability/Data Integrity
Tarnish Resistant Yes Yes Yes
Load/Unload Cycles 300,000 300,000 300,000
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read, Max 1 per 10E15 1 per 10E15 1 per 10E15
Power-On Hours per Year (24×7) 8760 8760 8760
Workload Rate Limit (WRL)2 550 550 550
MTBF 1,500,000hr 1,500,000hr 1,500,000hr
Warranty, Limited (years)3 3 3 3
Power Management
Startup Current, Typical (12V, A) 1.8 1.8 1.8
Average Operating Power (W) 6.71W 6.9W 6.9W
Idle Average (W) 5.1W 4.9W 4.9W
Standby Mode/Sleep Mode, Typical (W) 1.05/1.05 1.2/1.2 1.2/1.2
Voltage Tolerance (5V) ±5% ±5% ±5%
Voltage Tolerance (12V) ±10% ±10% ±10%
Operating (ambient, min °C) 5 5 5
Operating (drive case, max °C)4 70 70 70
Nonoperating (ambient, min °C) −40 −40 −40
Height (mm/in, max) 26.11mm/1.028in 26.11mm/1.028in 26.11mm/1.028in
Width (mm/in, max) 101.85mm/4.01in 101.85mm/4.01in 101.85mm/4.01in
Depth (mm/in, max) 146.99mm/5.787in 146.99mm/5.787in 146.99mm/5.787in
Weight (g/lb) 670g/1.477lb 690g/1.521lb 690g/1.521lb

1. 32 AI streams = 16 AI channels.
2.SkyHawk AI surveillance drives are designed for always-on workloads of 550TB/year. For higher transaction workloads, see Seagate’s enterprise-class drive offerings.
3. Extended warranty options available. Consult your distributor for details.
4. Seagate does not recommend operating at sustained extreme temperatures. Operating at higher temperatures will reduce useful life of the product.

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