Platinum Tools

VDV MapMaster 3.0 Main Unit • ID Only Network Remotes, #1-20 • RJ45 Port Saver • No-Fault, RJ12 Cable (2) • FTP Patch Cable, 5 • Cable Assembly, RJ45 to Alligator Clip • BNC Adapter Kit • 9V Battery • Hanging Pouch
Locks cables into place preventing unauthorized disconnects • Includes 20 strain reliefs, 20 locking pins and 2 keys • Used with standard RJ45/EZ-RJ45 Cat6 • Patented 'OD-Flex' technology allows for a wide range of cable OD sizes
Ratcheted, high leverage and stable platform for consistent, repeatable terminations • Patented “crimp and trim system” delivers a clean, flush trim on the extended conductors for all EZ Connectors • Tool steel die head assembly provides 360 degrees of connector support • Full Surface to surface contact delivers uniform crimp force • Built-in cutter and stripper from flat and round cable
For terminating cables in data applications • Gold plated contacts for performance and long life • Traditional crimp plug
Heavy duty handle designed with a non-slip grip for comfort and safety • Hardened tip designed to score or punch with ease • One piece handle and blade design • Rust resistant electrophoretic deposition finish on blade • Blade consists of high carbon steel SK5
Platinum Tools 13033C Punchdown Blade, NEVERDull™, 66 Style.
Enhanced Performance • For round solid wire • 3 prong contact design • UL rated, RoHS • FCC compliant • Gold plated contacts, 50u
Full serrated bottom blade for non-slip cutting • Scraper and file on backside of blades • Inside blade is chrome plated for rust protection • Easily re-sharpens & holds cutting edge • Stripping notches for 19 & 23 AWG wire • Screw permits easy adjustment
Recessed push-button activates tone scanning when needed • Tapered tip allows easy penetration of cable bundles • Side thumb wheel adjusts volume and turns off power to reserve battery power • Slide switch on tone to select TONE/OFF/CONT • Continuity mode to verify if a wire is broken
Platinum Tools JH12AC-25 90 Degree Angled Clip Multi-Purpose J Hooks 90 Angle Clip 12 (3/4") – Box Of 25
Platinum Tools JH32AC-25 90 Degree Angled Clip Multi-Purpose J Hooks 90 Angle Clip 32 (2") – Box Of 25
Platinum Tools 13032C Punchdown Blade, NEVERDull™, 110 Style.

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